Crash Team Racing Grand Prix 2: Back N. Time Details

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled is gearing up for a second season of content with new characters, karts and a new track. In an announcement blog post, Activision reveals a hefty set of plans for the future of the game. In fact, the details are described in a graphic representing the highlights of the Back N. Time Grand Prix:

Other highlights:

  • Buy Wumpa Coins For Real Cash
    • While Activision doesn’t plan to change how coins work currently, you will be able to spend real money on them. The shop will offer Wumpa Coin bundles to buy everything currently available and added later.
  • Back N. Time Leaderboards
    • Players aiming for top 5% of the overall leaderboards in Back N. Time’s online circuits will receive the Champion Kart and a seasonal decal. Nitro Points will earn you ranking in the Nitro Leaderboard, while a points-based Championship leaderboard is more competitive.
  • New Track: Prehistoric Playground
    • A new Jurassic-themed track will be added to the game for free. Most of the Grand Prix cosmetics follow the theme of the track.

The Back N. Time Grand Prix begins Friday, August 2nd and is a free update to everyone who has purchased the game. The blog post also confirms a future Grand Prix 3 will include Spyro the Dragon as a guest character. But the future doesn’t stop there, as Activision also confirms future GP seasons beyond that will add N. Brio, Nina Cortex, and Komodo Moe.

Check out some screenshots below:


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