Angel Grove Arena Presents: WAR FOR THE GRID LEAGUE

Challengers! War for the Grid is the very first offline/online league for nWay’s Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, making use of the Playstation Network and nWay’s Xbox One/Switch crossplay. In order to join and participate in this league, you must be part of the Angel Grove Arena Discord, where you will be able to report matches and tally your points. The opportunity to compete is predicated on the attendants of all challengers in AGA group, where they will receive points based on attendance as well as victories!


  • Double Elimination
  • Best 3 out of 5 matches per set
  • Random stage select unless both players agree to a certain stage*
  • Round Time: 300 Seconds
  • Corinth and Mystic Forest are banned if either player is using a Nintendo Switch system, due to performance issues.

Scoring for the War of the Grid League: Points will be awarded each week based on the Dojo System used by the Tekken World Tournament. The more people who participate in any given week the more points up for grabs. Consult the page for a full breakdown.

This league will have players competing at both majors and locals, partnering with TOs at multiple locations around the world. Interested in having your local become part of the WFTG? Get in touch with an admin or moderator in the AGA Discord! Prizes will be given during the League Finals on December 7th, where the top 16 will compete for various prizes which will increase in value as more is donated to the pot. Prize options currently include custom controllers, wood signs, and even a fight stick for first place!



Good luck and May The Power Protect You!



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